How can you say whether your medicines are real or fake?

In many countries, especially the underdeveloped countries, buying medicines don’t require a doctor’s prescription. So, there is a high risk of buying fake medicines. The availability of medicines online is also a reason for the increase in the number of fake medicines. These fake medicines can be real, but have passed their expiry date. Due to lack of proper law, the pharmacists may still sell them over the counter. The fake medicines may also be a copy of the real medicine having no curing properties. Here are some tips to know whether your medicine is real or fake.


• If the amount of medicine is too little in the pill you are taking then the medicine won’t work. For example, if the medicine was meant to get rid of a headache, then you won’t be relieved from your pain even after taking the medicine.
• If the pill has too much dose of medicine, then you might have serious side effects.
• Fake pills may not contain any medicine. They could have sugar or chalk instead.
• Fake pills may contain something different other than those mentioned on the label. Taking this kind of pill can be dangerous.
• Familiar medicine in a different package.
• The color, shape, size or taste of the medicine is different.
• The words on the label or package are misspelled.


To avoid buying fake medicines, you must always buy them from renowned drugstores or hospitals. Fake medicines can be very dangerous for your health. So, you must be very careful when buying medicines.

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