Virtual Assistant’s Essential Tool Kit for 2017

Virtual Assistant’s Essential Tool Kit for 2017

Every Virtual Assistant must have the right combination of online tools in order to work efficiently.  Working without the right tools is like driving a car on low fuel.

Since this business is technology driven, it is only apt to say that tools make the virtual world go round.  It provides synchronized solutions to people who work together apart.  

Time is of the essence in the virtual business world because there are always deadlines to meet.  Online tools can help remote workers complete their tasks on time without compromising quality of work.  

The right combination of software or Apps will also enable a virtual assistant to work with clients and others seamlessly. What should you have in your toolkit in 2017?  Here is a list for your consideration: 

Data storage and sharing tools. These tools allow you to safely share your files with your client or team members.  You to stay on sync with the rest of the team until project completion.  


Online Meeting Tools.  You need these to be able to facilitate online meetings with clients and team members.  Good news is that there are free online tools at your disposal.  Choose the one that is simple to use but packs a punch.  




Email Management Software.  Many Virtual Assistants are tasked to manage the emails of their clients.  These tools will help you get the job done right.



Scheduling tools. These tools help you synchronize your schedule with people you work for and with, across the globe. You will be able to plan and set meetings, deadlines and appointments efficiently.



Social Media Marketing Tools.  Social Media marketing is the driving force of the virtual business world.  These tools will help you make your client gain more popularity in different social media avenues such as Facebook, Twitter and Blogs.  



Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tools.  These tools will help you organize your clients’ customer data, manage leads and keep track of their interactions or engagement with customers as well.


Project management is also integrated in these tools so you can monitor the progress of each project that your client undertakes.


Accounting Software Tool.  You need software that will enable you to prepare and send invoices to your clients with ease.  


Since there are some projects that you get paid on an hourly basis, you will also need to track your billable hours.  Every Virtual Assistant needs this tool in place to be able to manage cash flow better.

Keep in mind that you have to choose tools that match the skills that you offer.  The most popular software may not sit well with you and this will affect your performance or workflow.  

Go for the ones that you can master with ease and do not fill your toolkit with unnecessary software. Do not be overwhelmed with the current advances in Information Technology.  Strive to learn new skills and you will be able to use these tools like a Pro in no time.

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