Does Your Virtual Assistant Have These 8 Essential Soft Skills?

Does Your Virtual Assistant Have These 8 Essential Soft Skills?

Companies or small business owners look for certain traits in people they hire because they are aware that not everyone is cut out to become Virtual Assistants.  During the interview, they are always on the lookout for someone who possesses the right combination of soft and hard skills.

What are soft skills?  These are traits that enable you to effectively relate to other people and respond to any given situation.  The importance of having soft skills is often overlooked because people tend to emphasize their technical competencies or hard skills during interview.

Although the latter is essential to work execution, one cannot thrive or survive in the virtual business world without the right work attitude.

Here is a list of soft skills you need to be able to succeed in the Virtual Assistant business.


  • Willingness to be a team player. Although you work remotely and in isolation, business owners expect you to work with the other Virtual Assistants on board the team.  


Your excellent technical skills will not matter to them if you are not capable of collaborating with the rest of the group.  


  • Flexibility.  A Virtual Assistant must be capable of establishing rapport with people from different parts of the world.  One must be adept in creating a strong connection with clients or team members.  


This skill is necessary to break cultural, racial and language barriers.  If you cannot step out of your shell, it will be difficult for you to fit in the remote workers’ world.


  • Openness to constructive criticisms and suggestions.  You cannot be stubborn in this business.  Being corrected doesn’t mean that you are inept at your job.


Have an open mindset and always leave room for improvement so your relationship with your client will have the potential to go a long way. Many opportunities will pass you by if you choose to look the other way.  


  • Ability to spot and solve problems quickly.  You must be quick to respond to the red flags in the workflow.  It’s similar to having a built in sensor.  Something that lights up when things are not going on as planned.  
  • Effective communication skills.  A Virtual assistant must be a good listener and capable of articulating his/her ideas into spoken and written words.    


It’s not enough that you have a good set of ears; you must be able to understand information given to you quickly so you can carry out tasks accurately.  


  • Patience.  The virtual set up can be very challenging.  Having to work for and with people who are not within arm’s reach can cause delays and conflicts. Clients and team members can test your patience and you must be able to resolve matters without losing your cool.
  • Persistence.  If you want to be a sought after Virtual Assistant, you need to continuously upgrade your hard skills and never limit your desire to learn new things.  
  • Perseverance. This is the ability to stay focused regardless of the difficulties, conflicts and disappointments you encounter along the way.  When you have made the decision to become a Virtual Assistant, it is necessary to have a “never give up” attitude in order to succeed.  


The best fit virtual assistants for your business are not just those with exceptional technical and fundamental skills. You should place a greater value on the intangibles that make your Virtual Assistant a valuable asset to your organization.

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