5 Things to Outsource to a Virtual Legal

If you are a lawyer who is taking a leap from corporate law to private practice, it would be a sound move to hire a virtual legal assistant to help you establish and grow your new venture. Are these people as efficient as in house staff?

They certainly are because Legal assistants are trained to handle tasks involved in running a legal office.  They are very capable of accomplishing things you assign to them even if they work apart from you.

Leaving the corporate world to start your own firm entails financial risks since your income won’t be coming in on a fixed cycle.  Many small business owners turn to outsourcing to save on cost without compromising work efficiency.  

It will enable you to save on operational costs by cutting down the number of people you put on a steady payroll and paying skilled Virtual Assistants on an hourly or per legal case basis instead.  

What are the tasks you can delegate to your virtual legal assistant?  Here is a list to guide you.

Administrative Tasks  Email management, scheduling appointments and meetings, Customer Relationship Management, invoicing, bookkeeping and digital filing are repetitive tasks that can be delegated or turn over to a virtual legal assistant.  

Take this workload off your shoulders so you can focus on growing your clientele for your private practice and meeting your clients’ demands.

Legal Research.  You do not need to hire a 9 to 5 employee to conduct research for you.  Virtual Legal Assistants are capable of doing extensive research so you can entrust this task to them.  Legal researchis tedious so it would be better to outsource it in order to save time and money.

Legal Transcription. You will be able to have a faster turnaround for your legal transcripts of interviews, depositions, hearings and pleadings when you hire a Virtual Legal Transcriptionist.  

You just have to send your digital audio and video file to your Virtual Assistant and let him/her do the rest.  They have undergone training for this job so you need worry about the quality of work that will be delivered to you.   

It is very practical to outsource this work because you will only get charged on a per line or per minute basis.

Website Maintenance. Creation and maintenance of your company’s website are better delegated to a tech savvy Virtual Assistant.  It is important to keep your website content and format updated to ensure better engagement with potential clients.  

Passive Income Source Management.  You may want to consider creating a passive revenue source like selling e-books or online tutorials to boost your income.

Share your legal knowledge to people who want to learn online. Enlist the help of a Virtual Assistant to write and edit your e-books or create your online tutorial curriculum.  

It may take a while getting used to the virtual work set up.  Once you have established a strong connection with your Virtual Assistants, you will be able to work seamlessly with them.  Having them onboard will certainly help you run your private practice as you envisioned.

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