Top 3 Jobs for Medical Virtual Assistants

The scope of work for Virtual Assistants continues to evolve as the demand for their services grow over the years.  Virtual work force is not new in the medical field. Medical transcriptionists have been providing assistance to doctors for many years now and the success of this venture led to other possibilities in the remote workforce.

Recently, the virtual doors have opened to nurses, pharmacists and radiologists as well.  Is it really possible for hospital confined jobs to be outsourced?  Given the nature of these jobs, some perceived this to be unviable.  

However, some dared to break the norm and many medical institutions are now open to the set up called Telehealth.  This is a system that enables the provision of virtual medical and health services via information and telecommunication technologies.  

Telehealth was conceptualized to help address the needs of patients who are in the rural areas and hospitals which are under staffed.  This remote setup allows patients to have access to medical practitioners without having to travel all the way to the hospital.   

On the other hand, medical practitioners now have the option to work onsite or remotely.  Thanks to modern day technology, healthcare services can be given and received virtually.  

Here are the top three jobs for medical virtual assistants that are currently in demand.

Virtual Nurse – Also known as Telephone Triage Nurse, assist patients over the phone by responding to their queries and assessing what kind of treatment they need.  

They will then refer patients to specialists and schedule appointments as per request. Virtual nurses can also help patients manage symptoms since they have access to their e-file on medical history.  

One must be a registered nurse with years of hospital care experience to qualify for this job.  A specialization will help increase your rate.  Estimated annual income is $65,000.

Virtual Radiologist– Also known as Tele Radiologists, they are tasked to read or interpret the medical images like CTs, X-Rays, Mammograms and MRIs that are sent by physicians or medical institutions.

This job can be really fast paced and hectic since the turnaround time for critical cases is really quick.  There are many hospitals now who outsource this job to companies or individuals who specialize in virtual radiology.  

One has to be licensed and have years of experience in hospital radiology to qualify for this job.  

Specializations in neuroradiology, musculoskeletal, mammography and Nuclear cardiology will increase your rate.  Estimated annual income ranges from $100,000 to $200,000.  

Virtual Pharmacist– The adoption of Telepharmacy in countries like USA, Canada and Australia stemmed from the shortage of pharmacists in rural regions.  

Now, people in remote locations can have access to pharmaceutical care 24/7.  This system helps prevent errors in medication.  A virtual pharmacist is tasked to review and verify prescriptions and advise patients on medications via video conference.  

He or she will also coordinate with the pharmacy to facilitate delivery or release of medications. One must be a licensed pharmacist with at least three years of hospital or retail pharmacy to qualify for the job.  The estimated annual income is $112,000.

Even the health industry has capitalized on technology to make medical services faster and more efficient. Going the virtual route will not only save money and resources. Most importantly, medical virtual assistants can save more lives.

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