4 Reasons Why You Should Hire Virtual Assistants from an Agency

4 Reasons Why You Should Hire Virtual Assistants from an Agency

Are you thinking about hiring virtual assistants? There are 2 sources for finding virtual assistants: freelance sites or agencies. You can find qualified virtual assistants from either source. Keep in mind that virtual assistants who work in an agency were also or may still currently be freelancers.

If you are undecided, here are 4 reasons why going with virtual assistants from an agency may be your best option.

Hired and Tested – Agencies have amassed a wealth of talented virtual assistants over the years. They have a data base of virtual assistants that have been assigned to various clients from a diverse range of industries.

So not only do you get well- experienced virtual assistants with the expertise to do a great job but you also have candidates who have been hired, tested and proven.

Some of these agencies have a ranking or rating system available for their virtual assistants. If not, the agency can connect you with a previous client who can give you a first account review of the Virtual Assistant.

Wider Variety of Skills – An agency has a complement of virtual assistants who have highly diversified skill sets. You can find a Virtual Assistant with the basic administrative skills or those who have more technical competencies.

If your business needs virtual assistants to fill in various roles, going through an agency is the most expedient and efficient option. An agency will save you time and resources in finding the ideal virtual assistants to fit your needs.

Greater Flexibility – If the arrangement with your Virtual Assistant does not work out, you can easily terminate the engagement with the agency. In turn, the agency can provide you a ready replacement without additional costs.

Thus, by contracting the services of an agency to find a Virtual Assistant, you will not lose time. If you hired a freelancer and the arrangement similarly did not work out, you will have to go through the entire process of posting, qualifying, testing, selecting and training.

Greater Value Proposition – As you have read, going through an agency gives you many advantages. The usual criticism levied against an agency is that the services are expensive. The critics say freelancers are more affordable and can do a good job as well.

There is no question that there are excellent freelancer Virtual Assistants who may very well be better or more talented than virtual assistants sourced from an agency. But there are two questions that begs to be asked:

  • “Where can you find them?”
  • “How long will it take to qualify a Virtual Assistant as excellent?”

The virtual assistants from an agency already have a track record which you can readily verify. If you need to shore up talent to accommodate your expansion program, an agency can give you immediate recommendations. Finally, you can have them replaced without losing time and money.

If an agency does charge more, these differences can easily be justified and validated by a having greater value proposition.

The truth is you will only be able to confirm the excellence of your Virtual Assistant through time. The longer you work with the Virtual Assistant the more you will be able to assess his or her overall value to your business. And as with other advantages, time is on the side of virtual assistants from an agency. They have proven their value through extended tenure.

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