4 Ways to Keep Clients Happy as a Virtual Assistant

4 Ways to Keep Clients Happy as a Virtual Assistant

If you want to build a successful career as a Virtual Assistant, you should not only focus on signing up new clients. You should also focus on maintaining long- term arrangements with your existing clients.

The virtual assistance industry has grown in response to high demand for its services. So while there are more opportunities to land clients, you also face more competition. If you cannot keep your clients happy, they will find another Virtual Assistant to manage their projects.

Here are 4 ways to keep clients happy as a Virtual Assistant:

Exceed Expectations – When you’re starting work with a new client, he or she knows better than to expect perfection. Most clients will moderate expectations because they know there is a Learning Curve to respect and mistakes are part of the process.

But if you can exceed expectations, go for it! For example, you were hired by the client to manage their social media accounts. The client set initial targets at 200 followers per week.

If you have reached 200 followers before week’s end, why stop there? You could potentially reach 250 to 300 followers. By exceeding expectations, your client will be encouraged to maintain your services for the long term.

Increase Your Value Proposition – Try to go over and above targets without expecting anything in return.

For example, a client hires you to write blogs with a minimum word count of 1,600 words. The client agrees to pay you per word.

If after reviewing and re-writing content, the final draft totaled 1,700 words do not charge the client the extra 100 words. As a writer, your primary objective should be to deliver excellent content.

If it took an extra 100 words to get the job done, then keep the content intact. Don’t adjust it so you can match compensation with productivity. Clients will see there is greater value in patronizing your services.

Besides, the best clients will take it upon themselves to compensate you for your selflessness by paying you more or giving you additional clients.

Always Meet or Better Deadlines – When clients set deadlines, these are made within reason. They want to arrive at a time-table that will accommodate their business needs without compromising the quality of work.

Sometimes a client may come up with a rush project; one that has a shorter time line. It is possible that the deadline is much shorter than what you normally need to deliver quality.

Take the challenge; work on the project, meet the deadline and assure the quality of work. If the client gives you rush projects, it’s a sign of confidence in your abilities to come through. Otherwise, the client could have given the project to another Virtual Assistant.

Keep Your Client Updated – Communication is very important in business because it minimizes the risks of making mistakes. It also shows respect and extends courtesy for the client.

If you are given 4 weeks to complete a project, do not wait until the delivery date to update the client. You should frequently update the client on your progress. A weekend report or summary of developments should suffice to keep the client well informed.

As a Virtual Assistant, it will be difficult to have extended working arrangements with clients. More often than not, clients only contract virtual assistants on a per-project basis. But if they are happy working with you, clients will gladly maintain the business relationship for the long term.

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