5 Ways to Get Out of the Virtual Assistant Blues

5 Ways to Get Out of the Virtual Assistant Blues

It happens to the best of them; even to the Virtual Assistant. Everyone has had one of those days where nothing seems to fall into place. Try as you might, you spend most of your hours looking at your computer monitor. The cursor on the Word document is blinking but you don’t know which keys to type.

This is called the “Virtual Assistant Blues” and no one is immune to them. But here are 5 ways you can get back on track:

Take a Break – Believe it or not, taking a break could be one of the most productive things you can do. It allows you to recharge your batteries through rest or simply by getting preoccupied with new and stimulating activity.

The best way to take a break is to go on vacation. Check with your schedule first and see if you have pending deadlines. Consider hiring 1 to 2 virtual assistants to manage your workload while you are on vacation. Check with your virtual assistants at least once a week to keep track of your business.

Even if you are on vacation, remember that you are still committed to ensure quality of work for your clients.

Attend to the Distraction – Our lives do not revolve around work nor should it. We also have other concerns to attend to. As much as we’d like to focus on work whenever we are on shift, there will be times when we can be preoccupied by other concerns.

If you are constantly being distracted by non-work related matters, attend to the source of conflict right away. Otherwise, it will affect your performance.

Inform your clients you will be taking some time off to address the matter but assure them you will continue to oversee their projects. You should have a contingency plan and discuss it with them. Clients will understand and will agree to give you time to sort out these distractions.

Exercise – Doctors have always said that exercise has more than just physical benefits. This is why exercise is the number one prescribed remedy for stress.

There are 3 powerful reasons why exercise chases away the Virtual Assistant blues:

  • Releases mood enhancing endorphins that make you feel more positive and happy.
  • Movement improves blood circulation throughout the body.
  • Enhances brain function; improves cognition and clears out the thought process.

Change Your Schedule – It could also be that you’ve been logging in longer hours that encroach past the graveyard hours.

Change your schedule by doing more work in the morning. Decrease your work load as you approach nighttime so you can sleep earlier and wake up more rested.

You should get at least 7 hours of sleep every night. Lack of sleep can have severe consequences on your health which will carry over to the quality of work.

Unburden Yourself – One of the best ways to clear the mind, ease the heart and calm the spirit is simply finding someone to talk to. Perhaps there is something has been troubling you for awhile but you cannot find out what it is unless you get feedback.

Remember that you do not know all the answers. It could be that fears, and the subconscious are all keeping you from uncovering certain truths about yourself.

Having someone to talk to can help you draw out those self-limiting beliefs out in the open so you can address them directly. By unburdening yourself, you can come away from the experience with a clearer mind, healthier conscience and more positive disposition.

Everyone has their off- days. Even with the best laid out plans and preparations, you should not expect every single day to be productive. For the most part, the “Virtual Assistant Blues” are nothing a little bit of rest and relaxation can’t fix. Remember that life isn’t just about work.

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