Announcement Re: TEDxManitoba, 2011 Live Stream

A message from Russ Smith, TEDxManitoba Co-chair:

Four TEDxManitoba Talks Unavailable

At approximately 9:48AM on the morning of the inaugural TEDxManitoba event, one of the broadcasting computers lost connectivity to the internet at the Park Theatre site for about 30 seconds. While the live stream broadcast recovered once the connectivity was restored, we discovered later that this interruption caused downstream problems that weren’t apparent until several days later.

The application we chose for live streaming has the option to save or delete the footage at the end of the event.  When the saved file was reviewed we learned that the outage caused a transcoding error on the video server. Luckily, this error only effected the footage up to the interruption. Video was properly captured following the introduction of Len Brownlie and continues until the end of the broadcast.

We then spent several days reviewing the contents of the damaged file with the hope that we could restore the lost video. We were unsuccessful.

We have spoken to and apologized to the speakers affected: Robert Sawyer, Nicole Buckley, Kerry Stevenson and Karen Letourneau.

I want to take this opportunity also to apologize to all of those who were anxiously awaiting a chance to see for the first time these amazing talks or review them again after participating in the live stream. We are as disappointed as you are that we are unable to make these four talks available. The 13 successfully recorded talks will be posted by March 15, 2011.

From a lessons learned perspective, we have committed to using a video backup system for TEDxManitoba 2012 that will be redundant to the live stream. Hopefully this will never happen again.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to forward them to Russ Smith at or to Norm Lee at

Russ Smith
TEDxManitoba 2011 Co-chair

While You Wait: TED Videos Played at TEDxManitoba

FYI: The TEDxManitoba videos will be posted by March 15!

Big thanks to our friends at Studio Media Group for recording and editing the event. We’re all very excited to be able to watch the talks again, share them with our friends, and further contemplate their meaning.

So while you’re patiently waiting, here are the two TED videos that were played at the event. Which one is your favourite and why? Have either of these videos changed the way you think? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

TEDxManitoba 2011: Photos & Video By At First Sight

It’s difficult to describe the experience that was TEDxManitoba 2011. Three days later, our minds are still spinning – our view on the world slightly altered by that beautifully intense day of TEDxTalks, discussions, and idea spreading. Tremendous thanks go out to all of our speakers for sharing their stories. We look forward to hearing these TEDxTalks over and over when they are eventually posted on the TEDxTalks YouTube Channel. For now we can enjoy these videos and photos by Luc Desjardins and Stephen Gray of At First Sight Cinematography: