Capturing TEDxManitoba 2012

While TEDxManitoba is a one-day event, our speaker talk videos live on long after the event as people watch them and share them with others.

Our technical team is committed to capturing these ‘ideas worth spreading’ in the highest possible quality. TEDxManitoba 2012 will be filmed in broadcast quality HD, with multiple cameras. The video, along with speaker presentations will be mixed in post-production to deliver a final video that reflects the spirit of the event, and passion of our speakers.

While the number of attendees at the live event is limited by TED guidelines, our webcast at on February 9th will allow anyone to experience TEDxManitoba 2012 in real time. We are working hard to ensure that this year’s live stream will be delivered at the highest possible quality.

HD Video, multiple camera views, and integration of speaker materials will ensure that ourĀ on-lineĀ attendees’ experience is as close as possible to being at the venue.

To help us achieve both goals, we’ve issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) for Event Videography and Live Stream to interested companies. You can download it here.

We’re looking to find that partner (or partners!) that understands the vision of TEDxManitoba, and can bring the resources, skills and experience needed to capture our event in video and online. Proposals are being accepted until 5pm on October 14th.

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