Don’t forget to get your speaker nominations in!

Since we put out our call for speaker nominations a few weeks ago, we’ve had a tremendous response.

We’ve also heard a few people ask for just a little bit more time! To accommodate more nominations, we’re pushing our nominee deadline back to October 14th.

If there’s someone you’d really like to see speak at TEDxManitoba 2012, don’t delay! Go fill out the nomination form here.

If you have an idea worth spreading and are interested in speaking yourself, fill out the application form here.

(photo by Mike Bitzenhofer)


The Ideal TEDx Speaker

Many will apply, but only a few will be selected to speak at TEDxManitoba 2012. What makes a great TEDx speaker?

It’s a combination of certain characteristics. We seek speakers who inspire others with their “Idea Worth Spreading.” Amazing, Funny, Jaw-Dropping or Beautiful are some of the characteristics we desire. Speakers should be persuasive, ingenious and informative. And should be ready to deliver the most awesome speech they have ever given.

The speakers we need are those who have done something incredible or discovered something astonishing—something they can give to each and every member of our audience. Something they can carry home and use to change the world in their own way.

A deep passion and dedication to a cause, a concept or a journey is within every TEDx speaker. The ideal speaker changes the world around them and will change you as well.

Are you a TEDx speaker?

Do you know a possible TEDx speaker?

Speaker Nominations are Open

For one full day on February 9, 2012 some of Canada’s most unique minds will narrate the journey of their big idea, delivering passion, insight and expertise with a diverse live group of 100 Manitobans (and thousands more through our live stream).

The ideas they share will spread throughout the province and around the world, reformulating our thinking, expanding our viewpoints and changing the world.

(speakers) if x

x=suggested by the larger TEDxManitoba community.

Our organizing committee is really excited about putting together a stunning line-up for TEDxManitoba 2012, and they would like your help. Do you know someone with a remarkable idea worth spreading? Someone who has brought about a significant change by reconsidering their field, their workplace or their neighbourhood?

Between now and October 3, we’d like to hear from you about who you think we should consider for our second year of TEDxManitoba—(what) if x

You can find the speaker nomination page here.

Check out this video on what makes a good TED talk by June Cohen, Executive Producer of TED Media and then go nominate someone!