Elemental Motion Media Lends TEDxManitoba Some Magic

Elemental Motion Media co-owner and Experience Director Adam Duguay and I met last year at New Media Manitoba’s Beat to Tweet 3x as Neat event. I had just finished delivering a case study presentation on building and executing on TEDxManitoba’s social media strategy and Adam, a die hard TED fan, approached me to chat more.

Before long, Adam, together with Elemental co-owner and Brand Director Simon Burgess were meeting with various members of the TEDxManitoba Steering Committee to figure out how Elemental could contribute their company’s talents to TEDxManitoba. Located in a funky studio in the Exchange District, they have been helping companies create remarkable brand experiences that inspire, educate and entertain since 2006. From their perspective, TED’s philosophy of spreading great ideas is what they aim to do for their clients; helping them get their messages out to the world through technology, story telling and design. The opportunity for them to get involved with TEDxManitoba was something they were keen to do.

The motion graphics they developed for this year’s event are mind-blowing and it was a true collaboration between Elemental and the TEDxManitoba committee. Using the great design elements developed by the TEDxManitoba Marketing team, Elemental’s opening animation visually tells the story of how great ideas evolve – and includes a custom soundtrack that sounds great on a PC but will blow you away when we put it through the MTC Warehouse’s sound system.

Elemental’s goal in being a TEDxManitoba Partner was to create an experience that moves each viewer emotionally and that would create a sense of intrigue about what they will see, hear and be challenged by.

And there’s more! They wanted to create an innovative and fun experience for both the attendees and those following along on Twitter. Without spoiling the surprise, I can tell you that TEDxManitoba attendees will find a “little interactive something” from Elemental in their kit. An experiential promotion that will get attendees using their smartphones and engaging on Twitter with both @TEDxManitoba and @elementalmotion.

It’s going to be an incredible day and with a live stream and three “official TEDxManitoba live tweeters” you will be a part of the journey every step of the way.


Seccuris and the TEDx Effect

Seccuris is one of TEDxManitoba’s Presenting Sponsors for 2012. A rapidly expanding Winnipeg-based enterprise information security service provider, Seccuris’s relationship to TEDxManitoba goes much deeper than sponsorship and stretches back to last year’s event. It’s a story of the TEDx effect in motion.

It began at TEDxManitoba 2011, where I spoke on the emerging science of personal 3D printing. Seccuris founder and local entrepreneur Michael Legary was in the audience, listening to my talk. Mike, who has started several successful businesses over the years had experienced challenges starting businesses and wondered if there was a better way. Seeing my talk, Mike realized there might be a core of people with the knowledge of advanced manufacturing techniques right here in Winnipeg.

After some discussions, Michael and me, together with industrial designer David Bernhardt formed a non-profit “makerspace” called AssentWorks. The space makes it possible for anyone access over $200,000 worth of fantastic “making” gear for a very low monthly fee. It’s kind of like a health club—but with laser cutters and 3D printers instead of treadmills.

AssentWorks is now a launching point for numerous small startup businesses in Winnipeg, and in the future we’ll look back and see AssentWorks as one of the foundations that built 21st century Winnipeg—all from a chance meeting at TEDxManitoba 2011.

This is the TEDx effect: sponsors help create a TEDx event; Ideas are spread; People take action; The world becomes a better place.

Who knows what TEDxManitoba 2012 will create!

Who Believes in TEDxManitoba?

TEDxManitoba is thrilled to announce that we have not just one, but two Presenting Sponsors this year – two organizations who both believe in the spirit of TEDx, two organizations who have a strong desire to support the Manitoba community and two organizations to whom we are incredibly grateful to for their support.

And one of them, Investors Group, just happens to be the organization that I’ve worked for over the past six years.

And it’s not the first time that they have supported TEDxManitoba either. In 2011, TEDx events were an unknown concept on the Manitoba landscape, but because of Investors Group’s heritage of grassroots involvement and corporate citizenship, Investors Group not only signed on as a Silver Level sponsor but they also came up with an innovative idea of how they could help further the ideas worth spreading.

On FEB15, 2011, while TEDxManitoba 2011 was taking place live at the Park Theatre, Investors Group was encouraging over 150 of its Information Services (IS) employees to “Jump into the Stream” and visit one of the two boardrooms they set up with the live stream on projectors all day. It was a great way to provide professional development and team building to its IS staff, and a great showcase for the event and incredible speakers who were a part of it.

Investors Group

From left to right - Lisa MacKenzie, TEDxManitoba 2012 Chair, Trevor Krahn, Associate Manager, Community Affairs, Rachelle Thibodeau, TEDxManitoba 2012 Sponsor Committee Lead, Richard Irish, Vice-President Community Affairs & Area Marketing

Flash forward to TEDxManitoba 2012…. TEDx events are better known in the community and the number off TED fans continues to grow each day. I’m now in the Chair role, my colleague Rachelle (who also works at Investors Group) is leading the Sponsorship Committee and Investors Group has become one of our Presenting Sponsors. And once again, they are committed to leverage this incredible event by inviting members of its IS Division to “Jump into the Stream” and take part in watching the Talks in one of the two boardrooms that will be running the live stream all day.

I’m incredibly grateful to Investors Group for its belief in employees volunteering in the community, for its monetary support that as a non-revenue generating event we could not do without, for seeing the value of the event and encouraging its employees to take part in the day, and for overall, just being a pretty cool place to work.


Cakettes Worth Spreading

Picture this…it’s mid-morning, or maybe mid-afternoon on FEB09, 2012 at the MTC Warehouse. TEDxManitoba talks are underway, minds are engaged, inspired conversations are filling the lobby, and—wait a second—was that a stomach growl?

Not a chance!

Yes, the lobby will definitely be buzzing with engaged minds and stimulating conversations, but thanks to Cake-ology, there won’t be a single growling stomach. A local, innovative bakery in the heart of the Exchange District, Cake-ology has signed on as our Breaks Sponsor. Creative Director Pamela Kirkpatrick will be whipping up some of her signature delicacies to help carry our live crowd through the day.

TEDxManitoba attendees will be indulging in Cakettes (baked cake mashed up with butter cream icing, rolled in a ball and then dipped in chocolate),  Imperial Cookies (where glazed icing seeps into the top cookie and the jam makes it beautifully gooey), and peanut butter granola bars that are so good, there are at least two nearby places buying them in bulk and reselling them.

Late one afternoon I was in sampling the wares; Pamela had to reign me in from eating her out of stock!

Lisa MacKenzie & Pam Kirkpatrick

There were already a lot of reasons as to why you should apply to attend TEDxManitoba….knowing that these treats will be there, is definitely a sweet little added incentive.


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