Reformulating Youth Crime

With a new year and a new theme for TEDxManitoba, we want to see everything open to intellectual and creative reinterpretation—even TED and TEDx talks themselves. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be revisiting some of our favourites and finding the recalculation in them.

At TEDxManitoba 2011′s compelling presentation, “Finding a Life Beyond the
,” CBC Radio’s Terry MacLeod invited a trio of young men on stage to reflect upon their reasons for once taking part in street-level organized crime.

Gripping and gritty, this conversation hinted at a complexity rarely allowed for by harsh, black-and-white discussions about the causes and curbing of crime.

In the quest to optimize social and community potential, life
beyond the gang begins with finding signs of life behind the gang. Can
we expand community efforts to re-direct the potential of these raw
forms of organization and productivity? What can be done to support
the efforts led by communities and families themselves to engage youth
lost to the street?

(Youth crime) if x
x= someone and somewhere else to turn to

At TEDx Manitoba 2012, we want to invite you to join us in leaving no thought unturned as we venture into unfamiliar territory.

What happens to youth crime when we reformulate it? How can this change the way we do things?

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