The TEDxManitoba 2011 Speaker Lineup

(Click each name for a full biography)

Francis Amara, “Community Engagement: Science in the Inner City”

Len Brownlie, “Helping the Swiftest Be Swifter”

Nicole Buckley, “Canada Alive in Space”

Phil Doucette, “Between You, Me and Liberation”

Les Foltos, “Peer Coaching – 21st Century Teacher Skills”

Terry Godwaldt, “DeforestAction: Global Project Based Learning”

Karen Letourneau, “The Bad News You Want to Hear; A Breakthrough in Prenatal Ultrasound”

Shaun Loney, “Poverty, Crime and Greenhouse Gas Emissions”

Terry MacLeod, “Finding a Life Beyond the Gang”

Bernard McCoy, “Commerce With Compassion: Social Entrepreneurism for the 21st Century”

Frank Plummer, “Is There Natural Immunity to HIV?”

Robert Sawyer, “Creating the Future”

Leslee Silverman and Columpa Bobb, “The Moving Gallery @ the Edge of the Screen”

Kerry Stevenson, “How 3D Printing Will Change the Way You Think About Things and Make You a Cup of Tea”

Scott Stirton, “Intelligent Buildings”

Hannah Taylor, “A Cold Walk in Shoes Without a Home”

Rick Van Eck, “The Gaming of Educational Transformation”

John Weigelt, “Enabling Canada’s Economy Digitally”

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11 thoughts on “Speakers

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    • Thanks for the comment! Over the past few months we strived to get the right balance between local speakers and non-local speakers, and then the right balance of Technology, Entertainment, Design (TED) factors, balanced with our theme of EMERGENCE – Culture, Technology, Community. No easy feat!
      We’ve been overwhelmed with the number of speakers locally and from abroad who have contacted us, or been open to us contacting them, to speak at TEDx Manitoba and we’re excited to share that we hope to have our list of 20ish speakers confirmed in the next few days!

    • Both definitely very interesting – perhaps they may be interested to speak at a future TEDxManitoba event? Do you have any connections there?

    • Hi,

      Sorry I did not reply to this earlier. As one of the chairpersons for TEDxManitoba, I need to assume responsibility for most of the aspects of the conference. We did have three more women on our list of speakers but for various personal and professional reasons they declined even though they were invited. So finding replacments at the last minute when we don’t have any staff came down whom we could get on short notice. I guess that an eight and 14 split is not the same as an even split. We will try to do better next year. That said, our committees were better balanced but not 50/50. Thanks for yur interest and forthrightness but we were aware of the imbalance and we will do better next year.

  2. Over the past year as we began creating a list of potential speakers we worked to keep a number of things in mind. First, based on our mentors at TED, we were reminded that the content of the talk was key. TEDx wasn’t about celebrity and certainly wasn’t about promoting professional speakers. And secondly, we were focused on bringing out the best in Manitoba. Our community has hundreds of passionate people with a story to tell and we wanted to give them an opportunity to add to this event.

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  4. Folks that have commented…
    Knock off the negativity.

    No need to complain about “lack of certain speakers you feel are important”
    or “gender bias”.
    Get on the positivity train or get off the tracks.

    This is happening and
    this is happening here in Winnipeg.
    Everyone speaking will have something interesting to say.
    You will learn, be challenged to think and talk about things.

    Be there and enjoy it!

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