Who Believes in TEDxManitoba?

TEDxManitoba is thrilled to announce that we have not just one, but two Presenting Sponsors this year – two organizations who both believe in the spirit of TEDx, two organizations who have a strong desire to support the Manitoba community and two organizations to whom we are incredibly grateful to for their support.

And one of them, Investors Group, just happens to be the organization that I’ve worked for over the past six years.

And it’s not the first time that they have supported TEDxManitoba either. In 2011, TEDx events were an unknown concept on the Manitoba landscape, but because of Investors Group’s heritage of grassroots involvement and corporate citizenship, Investors Group not only signed on as a Silver Level sponsor but they also came up with an innovative idea of how they could help further the ideas worth spreading.

On FEB15, 2011, while TEDxManitoba 2011 was taking place live at the Park Theatre, Investors Group was encouraging over 150 of its Information Services (IS) employees to “Jump into the Stream” and visit one of the two boardrooms they set up with the live stream on projectors all day. It was a great way to provide professional development and team building to its IS staff, and a great showcase for the event and incredible speakers who were a part of it.

Investors Group

From left to right - Lisa MacKenzie, TEDxManitoba 2012 Chair, Trevor Krahn, Associate Manager, Community Affairs, Rachelle Thibodeau, TEDxManitoba 2012 Sponsor Committee Lead, Richard Irish, Vice-President Community Affairs & Area Marketing

Flash forward to TEDxManitoba 2012…. TEDx events are better known in the community and the number off TED fans continues to grow each day. I’m now in the Chair role, my colleague Rachelle (who also works at Investors Group) is leading the Sponsorship Committee and Investors Group has become one of our Presenting Sponsors. And once again, they are committed to leverage this incredible event by inviting members of its IS Division to “Jump into the Stream” and take part in watching the Talks in one of the two boardrooms that will be running the live stream all day.

I’m incredibly grateful to Investors Group for its belief in employees volunteering in the community, for its monetary support that as a non-revenue generating event we could not do without, for seeing the value of the event and encouraging its employees to take part in the day, and for overall, just being a pretty cool place to work.

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