TED Talks About Gambling

5 TED Talks About Gambling You Have to Watch

Gambling has always been popular but the way people gamble has changed over the years. After online gambling became popular worldwide, there have been many new trends, and gambling establishments have had to adapt to them in order to stay in the competition. These days, online gambling websites are adding some unique features and introducing new types of games to keep players engaged.

The changes in the gambling world take place at an extremely fast rate, so it can be a bit of a challenge to keep up with them. You can watch TED talks related to gambling that discuss the evolution of the industry in detail. Here, many qualified individuals talk about their respective fields of expertise, and many professionals study them to enhance their knowledge.

In the beginning, the topics for TED talks were limited to design, entertainment, and technology. These days, however, you can find discussion on a wide range of topics, including gambling. While some gamblers can benefit from the innovations discussed in these talks, others can find some advice on how to get rid of their gambling addiction.

Now, let us take a look at some of the best TED talks you should check out to stay updated on all gambling-related developments.

1. Responsibility in the Online Gambling Industry

James Kosta is a well-known inventor and investor based in California, United States. He delivered this talk eight years ago at the University of Nevada. Here, he talks about the responsibilities that should be embraced by online betting establishments and video game developers. He begins by laying out the fundamentals. Mr. Costa says that the main attraction of gambling lies in its expectancy.

To demonstrate his point with the help of an example, he talks about a coin toss. The chief reason why people participate in this activity is that the outcome is unknown. If the probability factor was taken out of the equation, the activity would be futile, according to him.

Mr. Costa then elaborates on the hazards of minors engaging in betting. Due to the widespread availability of the internet, more and more people can easily access betting websites and games. He says that companies should come up with novel ideas on how to prevent minors from engaging in activities that can ruin their futures. While you can easily ban minors from entering an offline casino, preventing them from online betting is a bit more complicated.

This talk has Kosta discussing the motivations behind gambling. One of the most conspicuous reasons is that they wish to earn some cash. For bettors belonging to the younger generations, winning money is the chief motivation.

On the other hand, seasoned gamblers also want to make some connections while partaking in gambling activities. Through online and offline platforms, they can interact with like-minded people, thus expanding their social circles.

It is the opinion of Mr. Kosta that controlling irresponsibility in gambling requires us to understand the motive behind placing bets. He says that doing so will also allow us to enhance the rewards.

Check out this informative discussion to comprehend the various topics pertaining to our motivations behind gambling, and how we can instill in ourselves a sense of responsibility.

2. What Can We Learn From Expert Gamblers?

In any industry, it is a good idea to take some advice from the very best. Here, you can listen to the expert advice of Dylan Evans, a pioneer in the field of risk intelligence. He talks about how seasoned gamblers go about their business and what allows them to stay ahead on the curve. We get to know what makes them different from those who gamble for fun and those who are addicted to it.

Mr. Evans says that the chief motivation for these experts is the logical pursuit of earning gains, but they also combine it with intellectual challenge. He categorizes these players into various classes and expands on their beliefs.

These different classes are namely sports punters, poker enthusiasts, and blackjack aficionados. In this talk, Mr. Evans talks about the qualities that each must possess. We also get to know about the various types of sports gamblers, including traditional sports gamblers and the ones using digital mediums.

He cites a prominent research conducted on sports bettors who rely on their intuitions. The research revealed that these people were applying a statistical method working on the basis of seven unique factors. What is interesting to note is that they were doing this instinctively.

In the end, the speaker holds a quiz to test how members of the audience deal with risk. He says that this quality sets an experienced gambler apart from a novice.

3. The Rise and Fall of a Gambling Addict

If you suffering from gambling addiction, this is one TED talk you should definitely listen to. Here, the speaker is Justyn Reese, an Army veteran who has written several books about gambling addiction. He talks about how he ruined his career and lost all his money because of this addiction.

This talk has Reese explaining how his anxiety spurred his addiction. He explains how he built his career in finance and how, in spite of receiving praise for his professional achievements, he still felt weighed down by trepidation.

After missing his promotion, he came to know that his son was afflicted by a debilitating brain disease. This made him susceptible to epilepsy while also limiting his motion.

Mr. Reese took to gambling after his son suffered from a near-fatal epileptic seizure. He saw this ad for betting on a rugby game and he got lucky with his first bet. He let his superiors know that he'd be working from his residence and after getting done with work, he'd start placing bets.

The addiction eventually got worse and this led to him and his family selling their house. Because of his addiction, he wasted the entire equity amount and went to great lengths to recover his lost money.

Slowly, his life fell into pieces, but he eventually managed to get rid of this addiction and managed to get his house back, while also starting a charity for fellow addicts. He has written a book detailing his experience with addiction and it has sold several copies.

In spite of this, Mr. Reese is not opposed to gambling. It is vital that every bettor is aware of the hazards posed by addiction. Getting to know a former addict’s side of the story can allow us to be more responsible while placing bets.

4. One Piece of Advice I Hope You’ll Never Use

Norman Beck, an expert in the field of gambling, makes some interesting points in this talk where he allows the audience to understand the perspective of a seasoned gambler. Mr. Beck investigates claims for insurances and he says that this profession helped him acquire some useful skills. He later used these skills for gambling-related promotions.

While his career was in an excellent state, he realized that he had a tumor in his brain. Since the tumor was big in size, surgery was required. The way he explained his condition goes to show that he thinks like an experienced gambler.

Mr. Beck realized he had a 50% chance of making it through surgery. While the operation was ongoing, his heart ceased beating thrice. If he hadn’t taken measures to enhance his odds, he’d probably not be alive today.

Prior to surgery, he made contact with some of the best surgeons in order to increase his odds of survival. Doing this made all the difference, and the surgery was a success.

In this talk, he explains how the experience gathered from gambling can be used in other real-life situations. After listening to this discussion, you will have a different perspective on gambling as a whole. You will understand that it is not merely a way to earn profits, and there are several life lessons you can acquire when you place bets responsibly using logic.

5. We Are All Gamblers at Heart, But There Is Hope

If you want to know more about the natural proclivity of humans to take risks, you can check out this talk delivered by Elise Payzan-lenestour, a senior lecturer at the UNSW Australia Business School.

Here, you can listen to her talk about how we have to choose between risky bets and safe bets in our day-to-day lives. More often than not, we go for short-term profits, not paying attention to the minor risk of ruin that becomes a real likelihood as time goes by and you overlook risk consistently.

She explains in detail how the world of finance often sees the application of some of the most well-known gambling principles. If you are a trader in the stock market or a regular patron of a casino, listening to this discussion can help you make decisions in a more prudent way, developing strategies for calculating your risk.

After checking out all these talks, you can gain a deeper and logical insight into the world of gambling. Gambling is not entirely a world of random events, and these discussions describe the several schools of thought related to the field.

Like any industry, gambling has its fair share of hazards. These TED talks will help you understand what they are, so you can practice betting in a safe manner.

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