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What’s Next?

By all accounts, TEDxManitoba 2012 was an amazing event. Brilliant speakers, phenomenal attendees and a crew of volunteers came together to share ideas, connect and be inspired.

In the next few weeks, we’ll be processing the videos and putting them up for people to watch (again), share and consider.

But I have a question for everyone. What can we do to stay connected and keep the ideas spreading? How can we work together to take the energy and motivation of February 9th and take it out into the world?

Several times throughout the day, we heard about the need and the strength of collaboration. So let’s collaborate. There are lots of ways this could happen, and I’m hoping that we can have a discussion here about how best to do it.

At the very least, let’s all connect through social media. You can find co-ordinates here and here.

What do you think of setting up a group blog, dedicated to discussing and implementing our (what)if x formulae? I can set that up. Would someone want to start a monthly meetup? A weekly tweetchat? There are lots of possibilities. Yesterday, we became a community. Let’s try to keep it going.

If you’re interested, or if you have suggestions about how you think we can do it, please comment below.


Not one of the 100? Catch the live stream!

It’s a reality we genuinely wish we could change. Only 100 guests are allowed to attend TEDxManitoba in person on February 9th, and that application process completed in November. We really do wish we could have a bigger, in-person audience, but these are the rules we have to follow.

Thankfully, that doesn’t mean you can’t take part on February 9th!

Thanks to livestream.com, TEDxManitoba will be available to everyone online in real-time. Whether you just take in a few talks or the full day, watch it alone or gather a group, it’s really simple. Just log on to our homepage on February 9th. The live stream will be here for you.

Want to plan out your day in advance? Check out the complete schedule.

Several workplaces, including Investor’s Group and Great West Life, are setting up boardrooms with our live stream available to their employees to watch, and there are schools throughout the province setting up space for their students to watch along. Are you setting up the live stream in your office? Let us know in the comments below.

In addition to TEDxManitoba in the school and workplace, we know of at least two viewing parties in Winnipeg that are open to the public:

The University of Manitoba’s Graduate Student’s Association is hosting a viewing at 530 Drake at the Asper School of Business and will be open to anyone who wants to drop by. So if you are a student or faculty at U of M and want to catch some (or all) of the talks, it should be super easy to catch at least some of the day.

McNally Robinson Booksellers has a fancy new Community Classroom that seemed a natural fit for a TEDxManitoba viewing. They do have the morning booked with one of their classes, but have graciously offered to stream our event in the afternoon, so feel free to stop by, grab a coffee at Prairie Ink, and take in some of our afternoon talks there!

If you know of other viewings taking place or would like to host one yourself, be it in a coffee shop, pub, boardroom or classroom, please let us know in the comments. We would love to list it here and find ways to connect with you on the day of the event. The more people, the better.

What If x

Welcome to TEDxManitoba 2012

February 9th is just around the corner, and we are definitely feeling a groundswell of excitement. Thanks to Elemental Motion Media, we can give you a taste of what the day is going to feel like (headphones and full-screen recommended):

Working with design elements from Lucas C. Pauls, who has done a masterful job on creating a look and feel that are going to run right through everything we do on the day of the event, the team at Elemental is bringing their substantial talent to TEDxManitoba with motion graphics that tie it all together.

(what) if x


Seccuris and the TEDx Effect

Seccuris is one of TEDxManitoba’s Presenting Sponsors for 2012. A rapidly expanding Winnipeg-based enterprise information security service provider, Seccuris’s relationship to TEDxManitoba goes much deeper than sponsorship and stretches back to last year’s event. It’s a story of the TEDx effect in motion.

It began at TEDxManitoba 2011, where I spoke on the emerging science of personal 3D printing. Seccuris founder and local entrepreneur Michael Legary was in the audience, listening to my talk. Mike, who has started several successful businesses over the years had experienced challenges starting businesses and wondered if there was a better way. Seeing my talk, Mike realized there might be a core of people with the knowledge of advanced manufacturing techniques right here in Winnipeg.

After some discussions, Michael and me, together with industrial designer David Bernhardt formed a non-profit “makerspace” called AssentWorks. The space makes it possible for anyone access over $200,000 worth of fantastic “making” gear for a very low monthly fee. It’s kind of like a health club—but with laser cutters and 3D printers instead of treadmills.

AssentWorks is now a launching point for numerous small startup businesses in Winnipeg, and in the future we’ll look back and see AssentWorks as one of the foundations that built 21st century Winnipeg—all from a chance meeting at TEDxManitoba 2011.

This is the TEDx effect: sponsors help create a TEDx event; Ideas are spread; People take action; The world becomes a better place.

Who knows what TEDxManitoba 2012 will create!


Guest Applications Now Open

Applications are now being accepted to attend TEDxManitoba 2012.

This one day event is open to anyone and everyone who is passionate about sharing and spreading ideas that make the world a better place. However, due to TEDx official rules, only 100 individuals may attend our event, so to help us make our selection, tell us your passion, what you do to make a difference, and what you want to get out of this event.

We’re looking for a variety of attendees to share in our day – the only qualification you need is to believe in the power of ideas to change attitudes, lives, and ultimately, the world. Applications are open until November 27, 2011.