Meet steering committee member, Michelle O’Keefe

Michelle is a heathcare information technology consultant with an undergrad from the University of Winnipeg in Business Computing and an MBA from the University of Manitoba. An avid gardener and photographer, Michelle loves nothing more than to be digging in the mud on the small acreage she shares with her charming husband and lovely black lab, Taffy, then taking creative photos of the fruits of her labour. Michelle is thrilled to be a part of TEDxManitoba 2012.

What’s your role on the organizing committee?

Chair, Guest Selection Committee

Why are you volunteering for TEDxManitoba 2012?

My friend and colleague, Lisa MacKenzie asked me to become involved in TEDxManitoba 2012. At that point I had never heard of TED or TEDx, but after doing some research and watching some TED videos, I was very excited to become a part of this incredible event.

Which TED talk do you think everyone should watch?

Ken Robinson on Changing Education Paradigms.

(Changing Education Paradigms, as adapted by RSA Animate, is featured as one of TED’s “Best of the Web” talks. Sir Ken Robinson is a TED speaker and he has delivered two additional talks on education that are definitely worth spreading.)

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