Thank You – From the 2012 Event Chair

February 09 has come and gone, but—at least according to the blog posts, tweets, and posts on our website and Facebook Fan Page—its impact lives on. Our goal was to take people on an emotional roller coaster as they absorbed ideas worth spreading. And by all accounts from our Guests, from the live stream viewers, from our Speakers and from our Sponsors so far, it looks like we succeeded.

As Event Chair, TEDxManitoba 2012 was an incredible journey travelled with some very special individuals  – all who shared a passion for showcasing Manitoba and for “Ideas Worth Spreading”.

My sincere thanks and gratitude go to

• Our Sponsors – those who returned from 2011 and those who came on board for the first time this year. As an event that doesn’t generate revenue of any kind, we could not have done this without you. Your support has meant that we can offer our event free of charge —ensuring that money is not an artificial barrier to change-makers who want to attend.

• Our Speakers – their ideas have inspired us, changed us and will forever cause us to think differently

• My Steering Committee – the Committee Leads who took time away from their families and jobs to put in countless hours, leadership and sweat into bringing this event to life

• All of the Organizing Team Members and Volunteers – the contingent of about 30 individuals who worked passionately on one of the six committees or who joined us for the day to ensure everything ran smoothly

• Our Guests – those at the event in person and the close to 1000 who joined us on the live stream from parts all over the world

I am, beyond description, honored to have shared this journey with each of you so far. I say “so far” because the journey is not over. No, the journey now enters its second phase—the one where we all take what we learned from the day, the connections we made and the ideas we heard that are worth spreading, and we put them into action.

Who will be the lone nut doing something great, and who will have the guts to be the first follower?

Let’s keep this journey going…

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